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Internship abroad?

You are about to make a choice between an internship in your home country or an internship abroad. But what will you choose? Of course an internship abroad is what we would say! But what exactly can you expect? What do you have to think about? And what does an internship abroad actually cost? We would like to answer these frequently asked questions for you!

Why do an internship abroad?

How cool is it to do an internship abroad where a completely different company culture prevails, where different social norms apply and where they might dont speak your mother language? A leap of faith, but also a leap to an experience that you will talk about for the rest of your life. Besides your internship abroad you will probably not spend your time as a hermit. You will quickly make new friends with colleagues, roommates and other international students during your internship abroad and explore the area.

Internship abroad: It's like being on vacation

In addition to your internship abroad, you will have plenty of free time to explore the internship country or perhaps other countries, take beautiful trips and have unforgettable experiences. For most students, doing an internship abroad feels like a big, long vacation abroad.

Your internship abroad

Of course you also have to work during your internship abroad! When you apply for an internship abroad, we will discuss your wishes and requirements. You will probably have some preferences and your school will also have certain requirements. Together we will discuss this so everything is clear for us and we can start looking for a suitable internship abroad!

You will work at the foreign company on the agreed days and times and you will be assigned a supervisor. If you choose for an internship in a non-English speaking country such as: China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or Indonesia? Then we will always make sure that you are assigned an English speaking supervisor.

1# Build an international business network

During your internship abroad, you will get to know many new people. You will make new friendships with for example locals, other international students and of course your future colleagues! You will expand your network both professionally and privately. There is a big chance that you will make friends for life, but also that you will meet people who might be able to help you on a business level. Building an international (business) network is therefore a great advantage of an internship abroad.

2# Boost your resume and set yourself apart

Once you graduate, chances are you will be looking for a job. It is common knowledge that often as a starter it can be difficult to find your dream job in the job market. Employers are often looking for people with a lot of experience or graduates who stand out with their CV. When you have done an internship abroad, you have gained a lot of international (work) experience, which will benefit your CV. You will definitely have an edge over the competition! An internship abroad shows that you are not unworldly, that you dare to take on challenges, that you dare to step out of your comfort zone and that you have international work experience. You'll be surprised how much value employers attach to this. Did you know that graduates who have done an internship abroad usually find a job faster than those who have not?

3# A life experience to remember

The main reason you would probably want to go on an internship abroad is for the unique experience. And it certainly is. An internship abroad is an experience to remember and for almost all students the best time of their studies. You will be in a totally different country where a different culture prevails, a different language is spoken (perhaps) and different etiquette applies. You will gain a lot of life experience and will have experiences that you will never forget. In short: Do you want to have the best time of your studies? Then choose an internship abroad!

Want to know more about an internship abroad?

We would love to tell you everything about it.

Internship abroad for MBO, HBO and WO students

Are you studying at the MBO, HBO or WO and looking for an internship abroad? Then we would like to help you. We offer internships in almost all fields and at all levels. We offer internships in the following sectors, among others:

Agricultural, Construction and Architecture, Communication, Design, Animal and Environment, Event Management, Facility Management, Financial, Hospitality, HR, IT, Marketing and Sales, Education, Law, Sport, Technology, Tourism and other internships.

Because we have a wide range of foreign internship companies in our portfolio, we can find a suitable and challenging foreign internship for you in 99% of the cases. If we don't have a suitable company in our portfolio for you, we will start looking! We will not stop until your dream internship abroad is found. Read all about our working method here.

internship abroad, A once in a lifetime experience

Your internship abroad is not just about doing an internship at a cool company. Besides your internship, fun activities are regularly organized for all interns and you will have enough free time to discover your internship country or perhaps several countries. If you like to travel, an internship abroad is highly recommended. Push your boundaries and go for a "once in a lifetime" experience with an internship abroad! Sign up for an internship via our website without any obligations. Together we will discuss the possibilities.

What does an internship abroad cost?

The cost of an internship abroad varies by internship country and package. Are you curious about the costs of an internship abroad? Choose your preferred internship location via the main menu. Here we explain the price per internship location.

Did you know that an internship abroad does not only cost money? For example, you will receive a living allowance, public transport allowance, often an internship allowance and you can apply for a Holland Scholarship grant of 1,250 euros from the government.

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Our most popular internship countries

Because our preference lies with Asia and Oceania, we only offer internships here. We have our own office in each country where you are always more than welcome. A local contact person during your internship abroad is nice for you and reassuring for your parents, which is why we think this is very important. You are quite some kilometers away from home.

Do you want to do an internship abroad? Check out the internship opportunities in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia. We offer internships for MBO, HBO and WO students in every discipline. Let one of our employees inform you and inspire you why an internship abroad is an unforgettable experience. We are happy to tell you all about it!