Learn more about the accommodation possibilities.

Accommodation during your internship

Besides your internship, you will of course need a roof above your head. A good accommodation is one of the most important aspects during your internship period. When you have a good accommodation (with or without roommates), where you feel at home, it will make your internship period much better. In cooperation with partners, we offer various accommodations. Your personal wishes and requirements are leading. The accommodation options are different for each city. For example, you can stay in a shared flat where you have your own room, or you can choose a private flat or house. Discover the accommodation options in The Netherlands.

Private room in shared house

A frequently chosen solution is to rent your own room in a shared house. In this case, you usually have your own room (sometimes including bed and closet) and share the rest of the house with several others. A nice way to get to know new people in a short time and to save on accommodation.

The price per month depends on the city and location.

Private room

Private rooms are available for students in many different cities. Usually these are located within campuses where you can rent your own studio with everything included. Your own bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, these studios often have a basic set of furniture (bed, closet, desk, chair, etc).

The price per month depends on the city and location and is of course more expensive than a private room in a shared house.

Arrange accommodation yourself?

Do you prefer to organize your own accommodation? We do recommend, however, that you reserve the first few nights if you want to organize your own accommodation in the Netherlands. That way, you have at least some securities for the first few days.