Our working method

An overview of how we operate.

Our working method and what to expect

On this page we explain how we work and what you exactly can expect from us, to avoid any surprises. In almost all cases we work in four steps to find a suitable internship for you. During the process of finding you an internship, you will be assigned to one or two colleagues from us who are always ready to help you. Check out the possibilities read all about our working method.

Internship mediation

An amazing internship in The Netherlands.


Accommodation near your internship site.

Other services

Visa assistance, Dutch language courses, activities and more.

The Internship Opportunities

We offer internships abroad for all levels of education in The Netherlands, which are completely based on your preferences and wishes. Our internships are available from a few weeks up to six months or even longer.

Besides organizing your internship, we will also help you organize your accommodation, visa application and much more.

What is our working method?

We work according to four simple steps as shown on the right.

When you apply on our website for an internship in The Netherlands, we will discuss your preferences, requirements and wishes. In this way, we can find an challenging internship which suits your interest.

Once we have found one or multiple internship companies, we will introduce them to you. You choose the company that appeals to you the most and have a Skype conversation with perhaps your future internship mentor.

Does it sound good? Yes, your internship is found! Soesnt it work out? No problem, we will continue our search.

Sign up for your preferred internship location without any obligations. Together we will discuss your preferences and wishes.

We will search for different internship companies and present them to you. You make the choice.

You will have a Skype conversation with the internship company. Are you excited? Great! Does it not work out? We will look further for you.

Did you make an agreement with the internship company? Congratulations, you can prepare for the best time of your study!

Experience the best time of your study

How amazing is it to do an internship in The Netherlands where a completely different company culture prevails and where different standards of conduct apply? A jump into the deep, but also a jump to an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. In addition you will quickly make new friends with colleagues, roommates and other international students during your internship abroad.

During your internship in The Netherlands, you will have enough free time to discover The Netherlands or perhaps other countries, make beautiful trips and have unforgettable experiences. Doing an internship in The Netherlands feels like a huge long vacation for most students.